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Cannabis seeds at are the best of the best seeds you can buy on today’s market. All our seeds are produced by respected seed banks who have spend decades by selecting and stabilizing the most potent, healthy and resistant cannabis genetics. No matter if you are a novice grower, expert or collector of cannabis seeds, our collection is prepared to meet high expectations of every cannabis lover. Browse our collection of feminised cannabis seeds, autoflowering seeds or seeds with medical potential to discover pure original cannabis varieties and new improved hybrids.

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Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering Seeds

The best selection of quality  autoflowering cannabis seed  from respected breeders. Our offer contains fast flowering, High THC, Medical and CBD  autoflowering  cannabis seeds with only the best reviews from our customers.
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Fast Flowering

Fast Flowering

The best selection of quality  fast flowering  cannabis seeds contains both autoflowering and photoperiod seeds. All these quick seeds are feminized and thank’s to short flowering also very suitable for beginner growers.
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Discover Cup Winning Cannabis Seeds

Cup Winning Cannabis Seeds

Great place for the most demanding collectors and connoisseurs is our collection of  Cup Winners.  Quality and taste of these cannabis seeds was tested and proved in the strongest competition of the most famous cannabis events.

Fast Flowering

Feminized Seeds

To those who do not want to grow any male plants is dedicated collection of  Feminized  Cannabis Seeds. Save time, space and energy by using only female seeds. We sell only fresh, tested seeds from worldwide respected breeders.
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CBD Seeds

CBD Seeds

Discover new potent  CBD varieties  with many positive medical effects. Select your seeds based on  CBD levels , flowering time or seed bank and find perfect strain suitable to your needs. Visit our  CBD seeds  collection now!
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High THC Cannabis seeds

High THC Strains

This category is intended for collectors who are looking for strains with high  THC levels.  Visit gallery of the most strongest strains in the world and choose one for you.
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Find your favourite cannabis seeds

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Easy to Grow Cannabis Seeds

CBD Seeds

Varieties which do not need any special care and do not have special requirements on nutrients are suitable for  novice growers.  For this reason we grouped them into  CBD levels , flowering time and find perfect strain suitable to your needs.
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Fast Flowering

Cheese Seeds

Visit our great collection of heavy yielding  Cheese Strains  and enjoy beauty of the most popular cheese varieties. Our selection contains only seeds of heavy potent plants with high THC levels and typical smell of cheese.
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