10 Foods You Should Eat After Your Workout

You spend so much time working out to get yourself in shape?
Unfortunately, there is a problem you need to pay attention to.
Although you’re exercising, you’re also losing muscle mass; this is why you need to consume certain foods after a long and tiring workout session starting from spinach which contains a lot of vitamin C, to bananas that are rich in potassium.
In this video, we’ll talk about all these foods and more…

1. Grilled chicken

This is more like a heavy snack than a light one, so make sure that you take a short fifteen-minute break before indulging, grilled chicken contains the protein your body requires.
Protein helps to strengthen our bones and at the same time build muscle mass, if you plan on lifting heavy weights you’ll need that nutrition, more importantly, it’ll provide you with more calories and fat to burn.

2. Whole eggs.

Eggs are a well-known source of protein eating about three in the morning could help improve your muscle mass another vital thing about eggs is their fat content this can help you as you work out since you’ll be burning fat and not muscle.

3. Smoked salmon

Salmon is one of the best sources of omega-three fatty acids, these assets help to improve digestion and prevent acidity, but there is one more benefit of these fatty acids they reduce muscle strain.
If you feel sore after heavy exercise, this is the food you need to consume? Sometimes muscle soreness can lead to inflammation; this is where the antimicrobial properties of salmon come into play; they can help get rid of all this information.

4. Cherry juice.

Cherries may look small, but they pack a mean punch. Cherry juice contains a lot of antioxidants, and antimicrobial properties these components help to recover quickly after an intense workout session cherry juice can replenish your energy apart from that it can increase the release of melatonin in the brain, this helps your body get that much-needed rest.

5. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese isn’t something that you should be taken lightly; this dairy product is beneficial when it comes to building and maintaining muscle mass; this is mainly due to the amount of protein it contains.
Cottage cheese generally contains way more protein than yoghurt so when it comes to retaining muscle mass cottage cheese is a better option

6. Green tea.

Green tea has been in trend for the last few years people fell in love with it the second they realized its benefits.
According to one study people who drank green tea after work out session was able to recover faster than those who drink green water tea is an excellent choice if you’re looking to wind down that we would suggest you try it.

7. SpendEdge.

Bennett is a powerhouse vegetable containing three different types of vitamins we’re talking A B and C. These vitamins help to build muscle in your body but even see, in particular also helps to strengthen the bones another exciting thing to note is the antimicrobial property and spinach need we say more.

8. Bananas

Bananas provide you with two things; one of them is potassium and the second one is carbohydrates, now you might be wondering aren’t carbs bad for us? Well, not when you’re burning them more importantly after heavy exercise, your body gets exhausted an intake of carbs can help you energize yourself, don’t consume more than you can burn!

9. Raspberries

Raspberries are high in fibre and low in sugar, raspberries are one of the best foods to have after a workout session they contain antioxidants that stop your muscles from being affected by soreness or stiffness, apart from that their carbohydrates help to energize you.
On top of that, raspberries contain compounds that can kill cancer cells, reducing their risk. Additionally the low amount of sugar present in the raspberries it means that it’s suitable for people who want to control their sugar intake;

10. Chia seeds

This list would be incomplete if we didn’t mention chia seeds.
Chia seeds are a rich source of anti-inflammatory fat; they don’t allow any form of inflammation to settle down.
Chia seeds are incredibly nutritious; they contain iron calcium and magnesium; all of these nutrients help to assist your body in the after the workout recovery process.
Another essential nutrients that it contains are a protein it helps in strengthening the muscles and bones of your body in this case the protein helps to prevent muscle strain; it also makes sure that you don’t lose muscle mass.
All right, we have spoken about the ten foods you can have after a work out now; we’ll talk about some other things that you can do after a heavy workout session.

1. Stretching.

Isn’t stretching a type of workout? Well, it is a light exercise, but there is a reason for you to do this.
In this article, we’ve spoken numerous times about muscle soreness and stiffness; this is where stretching can come to the rescue.
A simple stretching session after work out can help you avoid soreness and stiffness apart from that stretching helps to build mobility and flexibility, you need to have both of those things if you want the best results.

2. Drink lots of water

You’re supposed to drink a lot of water after exercising working dehydrates your body from not only water but minerals.
So you have to make sure that you’re adequately hydrating if you think the water is too bland, you can try other things that have water in them, for example, orange or lemon juice after work out could be useful to you.

3. Take a shower

Taking a shower is often a perfect way for the body to relax, showering will help you feel energized; it’ll also get rid of the sweat that’s accumulated on your body.
After working out if you leave that sweat on your body it could cause rashes, you can wipe it off, but we would recommend showering. This is mainly because a quick shower will get rid of the bacteria that comes along with sweat thereby protecting your body from future health-related problems.

4. Take a nap

When you’re working out your body is multitasking, it is maintaining your heartbeat and helping with your respiratory process while keeping up with the signal sent by your brain. This means that you’ll lose a lot of energy and feel tired.
So why not use this opportunity try to take time off to get some rest, your body needs to restore the energy that you’ve lost taking a short nap is one of the many ways to do so well, and it’s probably the easiest way of doing it.
Do you work out do you consume any of these foods after a session?