11 Surprising Things You Should Never Do In Other Countries.


When You Travel, it clears up your world view, but strange cultures around the world are so varied that just doing your thing in foreign countries may get you into a world of trouble.

Let’s take a look at 11 shocking things you should never do in other countries.

( #4 will blow your mind)

#11, Don’t step on money in Thailand.

In Thailand, it’s illegal to step on money; It’s because of one man on every note, the king.

Law notices anything supposed demeaning to the royal family can be an offense. That means if you drop your baht at the market, you won’t be capable of standing on it to stop it from blowing away.

The Thai government also has a lot of power. During a recent military coup, the three-finger Hunger Games salute became popular with protesters; finally, they made the gesture illegal, and 5 people were even arrested for doing it.

They are more rules you should follow should you visit Thailand. First, you’re not able to shout or make a scene in Southeast Asia. You should also avoid putting up your feet because, according to Buddhist beliefs, feet are the dirtiest parts of the body, and it’s very offensive to point them at someone. Also, think of the smell!

#10, Don’t use your left hand in India.

You never think about what hand you use for what, but in India, you need to. Nevermore pass money, food, or shake with your left hand.

The left hand is employed for all things bathroom-related. So it’s effortless to see where this comes from. In India, you should also get ready for another custom, queue jumping. As queues are a Western construct, it’s a jump or be jumped in the wildly long lines of India.

#9, Don’t order white coffee after breakfast in Italy.

Italians are known for coffee, and they have many rules about it. It’s a bad form to order a white coffee, such as a cappuccino, after breakfast. This comes not from the sweetness of the drink but the milk.

Italiens says that milk should never be drunk after a meal, as it is supposed to ruin your digestion. So you should only have it at breakfast. If you’re a beach-goer, you should also beware.

In Eraclea, near Venice, it’s illegal to build sandcastles. According to the local government, they obstruct the passage of the beach and sand dunes for other people. Talk about the fun police. And here’s a weird one.

In Torino, readjusting your crotch in public is an offense. Even though touching that part of your body is traditionally associated with good luck, courts are beginning to rule that it goes against common decency. We’re not talking about one or two gestures, but a lot of crotch-pawing. As a matter of fact, one man was convicted in 2006 for ostentatiously touching his genitals through his clothing. Keep your hands where we can see them.

#8, No high heels in Greece.

High-heeled shoes have been banned at Greece’s oldest monuments due to damage caused by tourists. Leave them at home. Besides, don’t you want to be comfy when you’re walking over the old rocks? Greeks also have an intolerance to mooning, the practice of bearing your naked ass in public, as well. And if you insist on this asinine behavior, you could end up with a hefty fine.

So mooning on the Acropolis while wearing stilettos, you’ve got yourself a double whammy or at least an exciting photoshoot.

#7, Don’t tip in Japan.

This next one might be hard to get your head around, but you shouldn’t tip in Japan. The service may be exceptional, but Japanese people consider this standard to be typical.

So offering a gratuity is not necessary. Okay, you won’t necessarily offend someone’s sensibilities if you tip, but you should avoid pointing. It’s rude to look at someone in Japan, as this is a gesture that is usually directed towards objects rather than people.

#6, No bikinis in Barcelona.

When on holiday in Spain, you probably want nothing more than to roll off of the beach after a long day of sunbathing, and to go and have a few cervezas at a local taverna. But in Barcelona, you’ll have to swing by your hotel to change your clothes because the city has banned people from wearing bikinis when they’re not on the beach.

The rule, which has been made to protect modesty supposedly, comes with a $650 on-the-spot fine. You may love your beach body, but you’ll have to put it away unless you want to get into trouble.

#5, Don’t spend your pennies in Canada.

Ever seen someone counting out pennies to pay for their entire week’s shop at a grocery store? Not in Canada. In fact, it’s illegal to pay for something worth 25 cents or more using single-cent coins. The Currency Act of 1985 also renders your payment void if you pay for something worth $5 or more using 5-cent pieces, as this breaks the limitations of what is considered legal tender. Also, despite the similarities, it’s generally not a good idea to compare Canadians to their American neighbors. Not only do they not like the association, but Canadians also pride themselves on making fun of their southern counterparts.

#4, Don’t finish your plate in China.

When eating in some areas of China, it’s okay if your eyes are bigger than your stomach. It’s sometimes considered rude to eat everything on your plate, as it indicates that you have not been fed adequately enough, Try to leave a little food behind to show your total fulfillment.

On the subject of food, contrary to urban legend, it’s not customary to belch to show your satisfaction at the food. In the past, when food was scarce, proving you were full to the point of burping was a sign of the host’s wealth. But those days are gone. Why not instead try a thank-you card?

#3, Don’t give even numbers of flowers in Russia.

You can always say it with flowers, except in Russia, where bad math can cause an upset. When picking out a bouquet for a special event, try to get an odd number of flowers. Even numbers of flowers are only given at funerals, while yellow flowers, in general, are associated with mourning.

So try to avoid both unless you want to offend. Also, although it sounds weird, avoid smiling at people in Russia, and don’t expect one to smile for a photo.

Russians only smile when they have a reason to, like when with a family member or during a special occasion. This can seem unfriendly, maybe downright unsettling, but at least you know. Say cheese, or don’t.

#2, Don’t hike naked in Switzerland.

Intended to curb the growing enthusiasm of those who love being close to nature, Swiss authorities are allowed to beautiful people who hike naked. Lacking a law to counter public nudity, they instead charge people based on their public indecency law.

One man was fined 100 Swiss francs for walking past a family picnic in his birthday suit. And Switzerland has seen an influx of many more naked hikers in recent years. Common decency aside, surely there can’t be anything less appealing than stripping down in the cold outdoors of the Alps?

#1, Don’t touch people’s heads in Malaysia.

Malaysia is the melting pot of Southeast Asia, a place where cultures, languages, and religions all associate together. Despite the variety, there are some general customs you will need to observe when there.

Firstly, you should avoid touching people’s heads as it is considered the most sacred part of the body. Plus, it’s also somewhat patronizing.

You should also avoid pointing, as this is considered poor manners, especially when done with your right hand. Old wives’ tales imply that you shouldn’t point at heavenly bodies, like the moon, in case your finger falls off. And even pointing at an animal may rile up its spirit and invite it to take revenge. Instead, why not try a Barack Obama point with your thumb, leaving your fingers tucked in? Pointing should only be used as a direct insult. Similarly, pounding your fist into your hand shows exasperation and can be taken as insulting too.

So when traveling around the world, you’ll see many amazing sites, but you can easily offend if you’re not wise to different people’s cultures.

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