14 Cooking Hacks That Will Change Your Life


14 Clever hacks to make the cooking way easier. Come gather round people wherever you roam and check out these smart cooking hacks tips and tricks we have for you.

If you’ve come here, you’re likely hoping for some excellent cooking hacks to make your life way more comfortable. I promise you that you’ve come to the right place. It doesn’t matter if your season cook or an amateur chef who’s just starting out cooking for the first time, these hacks have changed the way people work and cook around the kitchen, it is my hope that they’ll serve you well past among the people you know knowledge is power after all right.
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14. Terracotta in brown sugar

source: Youtube

Ever try baking something only to discover that all your brown sugar is wholly stuck together in one gross strike lamp. Never fear!

Take a piece of terracotta roughly the size of the inside of your jar, or you can actually buy these at the store they’re called brown sugar savers, but if you’re cheap like me, an old washed in a clean piece of flower pot works just fine too. Soak the terracotta in the water for about 15 to 20 minutes, then place it on top of your brown sugar, miraculously the sugar won’t clump together like it usually does.

If the effect wears off, simply resoak the terracotta then put it back into the sugar; it’ll return normal again.

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