15 Car Hacks That Every Driver Should Know

Amazing car hacks that upgrade your driving experience.

We all know that cars can be expensive, you need to pay for insurance gas and all the maintenance that cars require. For a lot of car owners, the money they spend on their car can get them down about owning one, yet there are many ways that you can own your car and have some fun with it.

If you like to drive and are obsessed with your car, you will love these tips and tricks we are going to show you in this article. Keep watching for solid car hacks that are bound to upgrade your driving experience.

#15. Hidden Stereos

if you own a car that doesn’t have a cover to keep the dirt from getting in your stereo, this might be a car life hack for you.

Take a DVD case you aren’t using anymore and cut one side of it in half, and the other; cut the edge off, so you are left with a smooth surface. Beside you cut in half you can slip in a slight opening below the radio, lift up the other half and it should completely cover the stereo.

#14. Snack containers

If you own a car and have been stuck in traffic, you know how important this car hack can be.

According to; when you are done with a container such as a coffee make the container, clean it out thoroughly you can take off the labels for the bottles and then fill it with some snacks to leave in your car. if you do this car hack the next time you’re stuck in traffic you won’t be hungry;

Did you know there’s an awesome car hack that you can use to prevent making a mess when you’re eating well stay tuned till the very end to find out what it is

#13. Colorful dashboard

this car hack might not be for everyone, but we are sure there are some of you out there that would love to try it. All these hacking tales are taking out your dashboard display and making it colorful. To do this, you’ll need to place different colored post-it notes on the back of the display. When you place the display back and turn the car on, you’ll be left with a colorful display that’ll change up the interior appearance of your car.

#12. Cereal trash container

Any car owner knows that a necessity for every car is a trash container, if there isn’t one in the car. the car can become its trash container fairly fast.

You can make a trash container for your car easily get one of those cereal containers from the dollar store, and place a garbage bag in it. By doing this, you won’t have to clean your car as often as you do now.

Are you impressed yet? Well, keep reading, as we continue to count down the top amazing car hacks that can improve your driving experience!

#11. Melting hand sanitizer

if you live in a place that had a winter season, you know the kind of damage it can have on your car.

The States if there is a trick to melt some of the ice off your car doors locks and handles during the winter season. Put some of your hand sanitizers onto the area you need to defrost, the alcohol content in the hand sanitizer will melt away the ice and have you in the car and ready to go in in no time.

#10. Umbrella storage tip

Sometimes the weather can change drastically, and the weather person can get it wrong.

There can always be a chance of rain, and there is one way to make sure that you are always prepared.

According to, you can place an umbrella under the driver and passenger side seats, in case of an emergency. The reason to have one under the passenger side as well as in case you’re with someone, and they need some shelter also.

#9. Stay organized

when you own a car, there are a lot of documents that you get, a lot of these documents to need to stay in the car in case you are pulled over and asked for them, yet these documents can easily get disorganized and even sometimes lost.

One way to prevent these documents from disappearing is by putting them into a folder you can get one that has tabs on it, and put the documents right into the slot.

#8. What side is the gas on

if you’re driving a new car or one you’ve rented, finding out what side the gas tank is on becomes a guessing game. Whichever side the gas tank is on depends on the direction, the tiny arrow is pointing next to the gas icon on the dashboard; this car hack will save a lot of people a lot of time.

#7. Vaseline clean

All car owners know that the dash gets pretty dusty, this tip will save the day.

There is a cleaning hack that can prevent further dust from gathering after it’s been cleaned. The, states that once you wipe the dust off with a cloth and some water, dip the cloth into some Vaseline.

Proceeded to rub the Vaseline into the dash, make sure to wipe away any excess Vaseline, the Vaseline works to condition the dash and should prevent further buildup of dust.

#6. Cupholder

There are a lot of things that car owners place into their cup holders, due to everything that’s put in there. There are quite a bit of dirt gathers.

One way to prevent this dirt from building up is by placing silicone cupcake liners in them. According to, placing these silicone cupcake liners inside will create a barrier between everything you put inside the cupholders. Therefore, you won’t have to clean the interior of your car as often this trick is a lifesaver!

#5. Shower caddy

When it comes to maintaining your car, there are a lot of products that go into it. These products need to be on hand at all times in case anything goes wrong, well, you’ll love this trick.

There is an easy way to keep these products organized; they say the use of shower caddy and place all the fluid products into it. All you have to do after this is place the caddy in your trunk.

This car lifehack will ensure that you can find whatever you need fast and easy.

#4. Headlight toothpaste

The headlights of our cars are the first things that come in contact with the dirt that we drive through.

Due to this, the headlights get dirty and don’t appear as bright as they used to, here’s an excellent tip. According to, you can use toothpaste with baking soda to make these headlights brand new again. Place the toothpaste on the headlight and rub it across the entire light, then wipe it completely off.

This car hack will save you money from going to the carwash more than regularly to clean your headlights.

#3. Mirror shield

If you live somewhere there is a winter season; then, this car hack is for you.

Scraping the ice off of your car in the morning can become quite a burden. states that one way to minimize the amount of ice scraping you do is by placing a plastic bag over your side-view mirrors. This will prevent the ice from forming on mirrors and will prevent scrapes from appearing on the mirrors from the ice being scraped off.

#2. cheap air fresheners

If you own a car, then you know how much money can be spent on air fresheners per month. And if you use this car hack, you’ll be able to save your money.

According to, you can still use a candle that no longer has a wick, place the candle in the glass container into a cup holder in your car. When the car heats up, the wax will melt, and that smell you love will freshen the entire car.

Now that you know the best part live hacks and tips there is a number one ultimate car hack for when you’re on the go and want a quick meal in your car without making a mess

#1. Fast food container

When we go through the drive-thru and eat in the car, a mess is bound to ensue.

Yep, there is a car hack specifically for people who eat in the car, that is worth trying.

You can buy a cheap shower caddy from the dollar store and leave it in your car when you get food and eat it in the car you can take the food out of the paper bags they come in and place it in these shower caddies. This will organize the food, making less of a mess, and give more comfort to car eating.

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