17 Shower Habits That You Need To Ditch Now


These are the 17 shower habits that you need to ditch.

Most people have adopted somewhat of a routine when it comes to jumping in the shower, whether you limit yourself to a military shower or you like to indulge in a drenched dance party. There are some everyday habits we’ve all naturally acquired into our cleaning process. You might think you’ve mastered the art of showering by now; there are some routine things many of us do that is that healthy for us.

This article will show you what habits you should probably ditch, and at the end of the article, we will provide you with some tips about healthy shower habits you should add to your routine.
The best shower practices for healthy hair and skin can come down to more than simply washing.
You may have established your routine, but it could also be affecting you in ways you never thought of. Now keep reading as we count down 17 shower habits that you should think about ditching for the next time you pull that rain lever and make sure you stick around to the end. Because after we tell you about bad shower habits, you should ditch and we’ll let you know about some healthy shower habits you should add to your routine.

17. Not making sure you’ve rinsed thoroughly

Soap residue left on the skin can result in irritation and dryness.
This can occur because of the chemicals in fragrance contained with most soap products, especially in harsh cleansers, make sure to thoroughly wash off also besides, before getting out of the shower.

16. Soap dishes

Most showers have built-in soap dishes, but leaving a bar of soap there can actually end up becoming a breeding ground for germs.
If you use a bar of soap to wash, you should be stored in a dry place in between uses and make sure to rinse the bacteria reading group encompassing it before lathering up.

15. using the same shampoo.

You may have a favorite shampoo, but switching it up can be necessary, as hair can change as you age, and as the season’s change.

If your trusted brand isn’t producing the same results, you may need to find a product better suited for your hair type.

14. Not washing your feet.

Feet may be getting wet and so may make its way down there, but it’s still essential to properly scrub your feet, just as you would the rest of your body. Our feet sweat just like other parts of our body, and they can harbor odor-causing bacteria we routinely wash our hands so why would we neglect those extremities.

13. Only having hot showers

Most of us like to bask in the steamy oasis for the duration of our shower, but there are some benefits to having the occasional cold shower, contrasting your hot shower with thirty seconds of cold can improve your circulation, increase energy, and keep skin and hair healthy.

12. Washing your hair every day

Many people with damaged hair don’t realize that one of the biggest problems is that there washing it too much.

Over-washing your hair can result in it becoming dull, frizzy, and dry. It’s only recommended to wash your hair once or twice a week unless the scalp is more prone to becoming greasy.

11. Not changing your shower head frequently enough

showerheads can harbor dangerous microbes over time, which makes it essential to replace them at least once a year.

Some sure-fire signs that you need to get a new showerhead are if you noticed a change in water pressure, a constant drip sediment buildup, or black mold.

10. Drying off by rubbing your towel against your skin.

Everyone has their own post-shower process, but many people rub themselves dry once they step foot out of the tub.

According to Petrin dermatology, you should use a patting motion instead, and you should do this immediately after bathing to prevent having the water that is filled up in your cells from evaporating.

9. Not moisturizing after a shower

If you don’t have the habit of moisturizing after a shower, you might want to reconsider the reason being that your skin becomes a bit more absorbent due to the warm and because moisture can get lost from being in hot water.

The perfect time to replenish your skin is after your shower.

8. Reusing dirty towels

Many people think that their tower isn’t getting dirty because they’re only using it after they clean themselves; however, this isn’t true. You should be washing your bath towels after up to three uses, and only if it’s being hung up to air dry in between.
Ording to Dr. Eric Schweiger of new York’s Schweiger Dermatology, dirt and bacteria can get into fabrics on washcloths and towels; dead skin cells can cling to towels, which can result in bacteria growth over time. So wash your towels every few uses.

7. Not showering after a workout.

Most people naturally had to shower after they sweat it out, but sometimes people get lazy and decide to skip it you should always be showering after you’re making your body sweat because it will rinse off bacteria on your skin that could get trapped otherwise.

6. Hot and long showers

Sometimes it can be hard to get out of the shower, but subjecting your skin to such prolonged heat can dry it out, making it itchy and create redness.
Although it’s not easy to resist letting the water-poor, it’s best to keep the shower short and warm for your skin’s sake.

5. Putting conditioner on top of your head

Being too generous with conditioner all over your head can result in the ends of your hair becoming unnecessarily greasy.
Conditioner nutrients can waive the roots down, but it’s the ins that need hydration the most.

Use only a dime-sized amount in try to disperse it evenly through your hair.

4. Using too much body wash

Less is more when it comes to body wash to make sure that your skin isn’t removing necessary natural oils.
The more bubbles and laughter are created, the more likely you are to be stripping your skin of these oils, which can result in dry, itchy skin.

3. Scrubbing your scalp with your nails

While it may feel good to give your head a good scratch while massaging it, it can actually end up doing more harm than it is good.
Use only your fingertips to massage your head in the shower. Scratching It can lead to dandruff due to the scalp tissue being flaked off.

 2. Exfoliating every day

According to metrics can care, excessive exfoliation can strip the corneum cells and deplete barrier oils, which can result in excessive dryness irritation redness and broken blood vessels.
Well, it undoubtedly healthy to exfoliate occasionally skin does need balance. Skincare, experts recommend that you only exfoliate two to three times a week at most.

And now for the number one shower habit that most people do but said no, they should ditch:

1. Wash your face in the shower.

Despite how easy slow-motion face wash commercials make it look, washing your face in the sink can be pretty messy, which is why a lot of a sop to kill two birds with one stone and do it in the shower. However, this process can be damaging to the skin due to the high temperatures drying us out, says Dr. Harry Dao, assistant professor of dermatology at Baylor college of medicine.
Hot water can result in excessive dryness and irritation, especially for those with skin conditions.

Now that you know the shower habits that you need to ditch, what about the shower habits, you should keep or add to your routine.
Here are three of them.

3. Changer Loofah every 3 weeks

When you use a loofah to scrub off dead skin cells on your skin, these cells become lodged in the loofah, which makes it a perfect place for bacteria to grow according to dermatologist Melissa Piliang MD…
Loofah also contains all sorts of fungal organisms that can actually lead to some pretty bad skin infections, Dr. Paley says she recommends cleaning your loofah weekly and replacing it every month.

2. Work top to bottom

According to Dr. Lauren Ploch, a board-certified dermatologist with the American Academy of dermatology, you should focus on showering top to bottom to let the soap work its way down. While it’s essential to clean your arms and legs, you should focus on cleaning the dirtiest areas like your feet under arms and growing.

1. Shave last.

According to Dr. Jessica Krant, another board-certified dermatologist with the American Academy of dermatology, your hair needs to be softened before shaving.
Shave at the end of your short shower, so that your hair is damp but not too swollen from the heat. This can cause your hair to swell, leading to ingrown.