5 Things That Men Secretly Notice In Women


5 things that men secretly pay attention to in women.

Although there is a common belief that men don’t pay a lot of attention to the finer details and nuances of conversation interactions between themselves and women, this is actually far from the truth.

There are several things that men do pay attention to, and women can use these truths to their advantage when interacting with the opposite sex, here are five things that men pay attention to:

1. Choose outfits that complement the signals you want to send

although everyone knows that colors affect both mood and overall emotions, they also send subconscious messages to the male the woman is with.

For instance, an outfit that is pink in color will send the message that she is tender and warm, whereas a red outfit will send a message that she is full of passion and energy, likewise black is elegant and reliable.

2. Men read facial expressions quite well

There is a misconception that men don’t read facial expressions, but this isn’t true. They are actually quite good at reading insincerity pursed lips and cold eyes, so this means that they can tell if you are interested or just annoyed with them.

3. Men are aware of how much you text and how

Men are very aware that women can reveal more about themselves and their feelings through text messages, and so they figure out when and why women text them and how.

Men can tell if you are selfish because your words start with “I” statements, whereas they know you are extroverted and light-hearted or interesting if you state that you miss them and clearly want to share what your day was all about.

4. Men remember your favorite drinks

whether you love wine mixed drinks or a specific type of coffee, they will remember which one is your choice.

Men tend to pay attention to this so they can order for you or surprise you on a date.

5. They notice how much you eat and whether you eat meat.

When a woman eats a salad on a date, she comes off as shy or self-conscious, and a man notices this. If she orders a steak or another meat dish, he will take notice of this as a sign of confidence.

Other than the above a man will always notice what she wears in terms of the overall look of an outfit, if she comes out on a date in an outfit that is suggestive of everyday wear, he may take this as a sign that she is not interested.

However, if she appears to have put a lot of thought and effort into her outfit, he will always notice this the important thing here is to impress men with your personality and not just with the cues mentioned above.

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