5 Tips To Quit Smoking More Easily

Have you decided yet? Do you want to quit smoking? It’s not easy to leave this habit that clutters your life.

Rest assured, every day after you stop smoking, you will feel better. Nicotine addiction decreases every hour, your body needs only 48 hours to eliminate nicotine.

So how to get rid of this bad habit permanently? Here are our top 5 tips to quit smoking:

1 – Set a date for your D-Day!

The first step once you have made the decision to quit smoking and choose a deadline and stick to it. Try to choose a date that allows you to set up a strategy and organize yourself.

For example, you can stop when the holidays start or any other event that marks a transition in your routine. Put a date with a deadline of a few days, or a week or two, it will allow you to start a new routine for example, by integrating a sports activity in your week.

2 – Get rid of all lighters, cigarettes, ashtrays!

To make sure you are not tempted, it is important to get rid of all the objects and accessories you use to smoke present in your apartment or house, car, work, etc.

Eliminate everything: cigarettes, lighters, matches, etc, and clean your interior and your clothes to remove odors.

3 – Change your habits!

One of the main difficulties in quitting smoking is the habit that has settled around the cigarette. Morning, after lunch, break evening, with coffee, going to work, when stressed, etc.

Take the time a few days before your key date to analyze when you smoke and under what circumstances.

Next, think about strategies such as switching places for your coffee or serving it with a snack cookie instead of smoking a cigarette. Drink a glass of water when you want to smoke, go out to eat an apple when you used to take your break, and smoke a cigarette.

You can also decide to avoid places and situations that push you to smoke such as bars or alcoholic evenings. Do it at least the first few times, it will help you a lot!

4 – Find support and talk about it!

Quitting smoking is not easy to do. So put all the chances on your side, talk about it around you!

Tell your friends, family, colleagues, boss… and maybe even someone will join the challenge with you! At least they’ll be more forgiving and encourage you into your new life.
You can also call on other types of help such as support from organizations or ask your doctor to prescribe anti-nicotine patches for example.

In other words, put all the assets on your side and use all the possible supports and aids.

5 – That’s it? So reward yourself!

That’s it, you’ve quit smoking for a few days, weeks, or even months. So it’s time to reward yourself!

In addition to significantly improving your health and your surrounding environment, you have also saved money!

Give yourself a gift, like these pants you dreamed of, a jewel, a new phone, or why not even a trip! Several months of cigarette stop correspond to a few hundred dollars, so it is quite possible to buy a plane ticket! Think about it and mark the occasion!

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