8 Foods You Should Never Eat If You Want To Be Healthy


8 foods that nutritionists recommend you never touch.

A lot more people are becoming more health-conscious over the past few years with obesity and health complications as a topic of growing concern.
Nutritionists Make it a point to advocate for the healthiest foods, with the exception that a cheap they can happen as long as it’s in moderation, there are, however, some exceptions to this rule in certain foods that you should try and always steer clear of.

As bad for your body and you should typically avoid them if you can help it.

1. Candy

Everyone knows that candy is bad for you, but there are certain types of candy that are loaded with chemicals preservatives,
And more sugar than any adult requires in one-day sugary sweets have little to zero nutritional value and are terribly addictive.

2. Processed types of meat

A lot of processed meats, including salami, hot dogs, Bologna, or pre-packaged lunch meats, contain chemicals that are used to preserve the meat for naturally long periods. They also include flavor additives coloring and poor quality trans fats that are bad for your heart, and your body tries sticking to fresh meat from your daily or local sources.

3. Ketchup

A lot of companies that bottle catch up will lace it with sugar and slowly process it. The same goes for most store-bought condiments. Fortunately, there are certain brands out there that make an all-natural Ketchup or any other condiments that have great flavor without all of those additives.

4. Unnatural beverages

Soda drinks or certain bottled juices contain excessive amounts of sugar and are filled with other harmful chemicals that are terribly detective. Similarly, if you stick with diet drinks, many of these contain ASPARTAME, which is known cancer-causing agents some beverages like small bottles of energy Contain up to 10 times your daily sodium intake.
If you need a caffeine boost stick with natural coffee espresso or tea.


A lot of boxed fish come from Tilapia, But what a lot of people don’t realize is that tilapia farms often keep the fish in tightly confined tanks that tend to breed cancer-causing organic pollutants. Farm-bred fish also have lower levels of nutrition and contain some dangerous levels of dioxins. Another cancer-causing chemical as a result of the toxic water, which can take up to a decade to leave your system after consumption.
Always stick to fresh market fish if possible.

6. Chinese takeaway

Westernized Chinese food, not necessarily the authentic stuff, contains extraordinarily high levels of sodium fats and carbohydrates. Some Chinese food chains will out of monosodium glutamate, MSG to their food, although recognizes generally safe, is met with a great deal of controversy. This food is also high in trans and saturated fat, which are significant contributors to obesity.

7. Foods with hydrogenated fat

Hydrogenated fat is a special kind of fat where hydrogen is pushed through the grease at an extremely high temperature, also reading the state of the fat, From liquid to solid. This process can be harmful when consumed in excess; it is almost like eating plastic.

You should definitively avoid foods high in hydrogenated fats.

8. Margarine

A common misconception by a study in the 1918S determines that margarine was healthier for you. Because it helps to avoid consuming excess animal fats. However, this belief has since been debunked by modern science. Proving that margarine is actually very high in trans fats. Which, when consumed in the long term, can contribute to heart disease, and raise the risk of death by almost 34%.

Heavily processed vegetable oils are also high in trans fats, Stick to natural butter olive oil, and coconut oil instead.