8 Uses You Can Give To Salt Outside The Kitchen

Salt is one of the products that has a thousand utilities in addition to the gastronomic, keep reading, and you will discover new functions of this wonderful product.

8 Uses you can give to salt outside the kitchen

We all know why putting salt on our dishes enhances the flavor of the exquisite ingredients we choose to form an alchemy of flavor. But there is also another use given to it for centuries … Cleaning!

Uncover pipes

One of the frequent things that happen to us is that the sink is covered by food leftovers that usually remain in the dishes. Before buying a chemical that uncovers the test with hot water and salt, pours it through the hole. This not only removes the grease from the pipe but also the strong smell that usually comes from it.

Mouthwash against bacteria

Mix warm water with salt and snort. If you suffer from gingivitis is a good remedy to shovel this condition, plus it acts as a powerful antibacterial.

Revive the colors of fabrics

If already your curtains and carpets are stained and smell bad for so much use, try this trick: Prepare very concentrated saltwater and with a rag cloth in the stains and the dirt stuck. You’ll see how with a wash, they look spotless again.

Against ants

If this insect is part of your kitchen, here we give you a solution: Place salt in different kitchen sectors where you see the ants’ path. This not only pushes them away but also helps reduce moisture.

Renew your silver

Silver and copper usually lose their shine over time; to avoid this, mix apple vinegar and salt, and you will have a super formula to remove stains and restore the shine of metals.

Natural teeth whitener

Mix this product with 50/50 sodium bicarbonate and brush your teeth. Not only will you fight bacterial plaque, but your teeth will look like white pearls.


At the end of the wash, put some salt, and you will see that the clothes not only come out clean but will also be soft with the plus that the salt prevents it from shrinking. If you hang it in the sun, it will enhance its effect.

Window cleaner

If it is impossible to remove the annoying stains from the glass, mix salt and warm water and place the product in a sprinkler. You’ll notice how bright and clean they are.

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