Eat 1 Orange A Day And See What Happens To Your Body


Do you like oranges? If so, do we have some good news for you!

You see oranges aren’t just tasty they’re very healthy for you too. One orange can do wonders for your body from boosting your immune system to preventing heart disease, in this article, we’re talking all that and more…

In case you don’t like oranges, these reasons might convince you otherwise.

1. It takes care of your skin

Your skin is always invested with free radicals; it becomes damaged and causes inflammation and infection, to help you get a better understanding to let’s use nails as an example. What happens to nails when they get old the rust, which is the same with your skin, well instead of rust your skin gets wrinkles scars and acne.
This is where oranges come into play they contain a vast amount of antioxidants, and vitamin C. antioxidants slow down the movement of free radicals in your skin. As a result, they’re unable to damage your skin so quickly.

Vitamin C helps to speed up the development of collagen in your skin too.

Collagen prevents the breakage of skin and forms a protective layer against microorganisms it boosts your body’s immunity and enables it to fight against bacteria, making your skin look younger.

2. Helps you prevent cardiovascular problems

There are numerous factors behind why we get her problems; sometimes it’s due to high blood pressure where your heart might be forced to pump blood at a faster rate. This puts pressure on blood vessels and arteries; another scenario is when there is a lack of oxygen in the body.
If you don’t have very healthy habits or an unhealthy lifestyle it could be problematic an orange could act as a healthy solution in this case because oranges contain a type of flavonoid known as Hesperidin and this reduces the cholesterol in your body and doesn’t allow the arteries to get blocked.
When your arteries are clear your heart can pump blood freely, this means it doesn’t get pressured to the point of panic and won’t inflict any type of damage, so make sure to add oranges to your grocery list.



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