Eat 1 Orange A Day And See What Happens To Your Body


7.  It helps prevent hair loss

Get excited because your hair problems will disappear with the help of oranges, once again this is courtesy of our friend Vitamin C as you know now this vitamin is beneficial so we would recommend eating other foods that have this nutrient too. This includes grapefruit watermelon lemonade kiwi, now coming back to oranges!

Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen that helps to strengthen your skin; it also helps to improve specific tissues on your head; these tissues are responsible for keeping the hair follicles attached. When you consume oranges regularly, vitamin C enters your bloodstream and spread throughout your body; this speeds up the production of collagen, helping your hair stay connected to your head. So those bald patches that you often have nightmares about won’t become your reality.
Please note that oranges can’t help you if you’ve already started losing your hair, in that case, we would recommend you speak to an expert! Oranges are not your cure for bald patches are just one of the ways to prevent that from happening, so reward yourself with these citric fruits if you want to keep your hair intact as you grow older.

We’re not done yet here’s some bonus points to consider:

1. Good for your tummy.

As long as you aren’t eating too many of them, oranges can help your digestion process. They are rich in fibre which helps you avoid problems like stomach ulcers constipation or other digestion related problems. It also keeps your intestines healthy by cleansing out all the microorganisms from it.

2. Helps you lose weight.

Just don’t contain a lot of calories, so you can have oranges even when you’re looking to lose weight. The fibre we mentioned earlier helps to smoothen the bowel movements; they also help you feel full for a more extended period making sure you aren’t putting on too much weight while enjoying the delicious fruit.

3. It reduces risk related to stroke.

In one study conducted on 70.000 women, it was found that consuming oranges and other flavonoid-rich foods reduce the risk of stroke by 19%, so there you have it another reason to eat oranges make sure you’re eating your share and keeping yourself healthy.




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