Girl Found a Secret Room in The House, and Was Stunned by what was Inside!

Expecting a child is the most exciting period in the life of every family.

Young parents approach it with great responsibility, and some with a good deal of imagination. So did this one future father from England.

Having learned the good news that soon will be one more person in the house, he took to getting the nursery ready. But he also decided to hide something for his future child in a very unexpected place, and kept it secret for 6 years.

On her sixth birthday, his little daughter got quite a mundane task to unpack an old suitcase in one of the remote rooms of the house; the little girl began to media at least sort through the rusted tools and clothes until she suddenly saw something exciting, an older man! Sure the girls didn’t have any doubt that it was a real treasure map, especially since the word treasure was written on it in all caps.

After the careful examination with her dad, the group realized in front of her was the map of their house, according to the map, the hiding place was next to her room, but how?

There was nothing there but a wall. The father suggested that his daughter used the old pirate trick and knocked on the wall, having heard the strange sound, the girl indicated that there might be a hiding place behind the wall. She’s seen in cartoons more than once, her father agreed and began to cut the wall, soon a new passageway appeared in the girl’s room. She went inside and saw a small room which she had never seen before even though it was right next to her room, But that’s not all!

The birthday girl saw a jewelry box hiding under a window; It’s the treasure! Although she didn’t find any rubies or diamonds in the box, she did find many shiny coins and beautiful jewelry, which turned out to have belonged to her mother and grandmother, Isn’t that a perfect birthday?

The girl was so delighted with her to find that her father couldn’t bring himself to tell her the truth that he orchestrated the whole treasure hunt; 6 years ago, before his daughter was born, he had significant renovations done at the house.

The house was big but old and windy, so we had to insulate the future nursery after much doubt he decided to make the room smaller with better insulation, but instead of using the remaining spaces a pantry, he decided to make it into a secret room and forget about it for some time, so that he could surprise his child some years later.

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