Here Are 8 Easy Ways To Quit Sugar Forever


We all want to live a healthy life; unfortunately, we don’t have too many healthy habits that could help us in our pursuit. For example, we consume a lot more sugar in a day that we need, you may have even thought of quitting it, alas it’s easier said than done.
That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to quit it from giving up fizzy drinks to replacing them with natural sweets. In this article, we’ll talk about some simple ways to stop sugar or at least reduce it.

1. Avoid refined sugar

We begin with perhaps the most obvious point, cutting down on refined sugar.

Many experts agree this kind of sugar usually gets absorbed by the blood very quickly; as a result, it causes a spike in glucose and insulin levels. What’re more threatening refined sugars added to literally everything name any of your favorite processed foods.

You won’t be able to think of anything without refined sugar whether it’s ketchup or beef jerky even milk bread that you get from a bakery isn’t free of refined sugar, let us not forget muffins cakes pastries, and doughnuts or fine sugar has corrupted all of them, of course, they’re not named refined sugar, sometimes I renamed his different types of syrup in The Times you know it as refined sugar you choose to ignore it because you like the taste.

Refined sugar usually spikes up the blood sugar levels and insulin level faster than natural sugar; this is because of its higher content of carbohydrates in it; therefore, it’s safe to comment that it isn’t good for your body, so avoid anything that has refined sugar in case you can’t balance it out by putting in some extra hours at the gym, well if you can’t avoid it then burn it let’s get to the next point.

2. Avoid fizzy drinks

We know you love fizzy drinks, and we don’t really blame you; they’re tasty, and Some of them help you get the necessary amount of glucose.

It’s sad they also let lose a lot of sugar in your body, this isn’t something to be taken lightly you might be thinking how much sugar can a small can of coke contain, well it’s a lot more than you think most experts agree that one can contain more sugar than your body needs for the whole day.

Your body needs about 30 grams of sugar every day, At the same time, one can contain more than that shocked yeah we were too when we first doubt about it this is why it’s best to avoid fizzy drinks completely we would suggest that you replace the sodas with fruit juices. Instead of adding sugar to the juice, replace the sugar with topical honey; if you can’t find topical honey, have the fruit juice with a little salt adding half a teaspoon of sugar and balancing it out with a grain of salt is also a good alternative.

3. Consume natural sweets

Certain fruits don’t need artificial sugar to help them become more flavorful.

Fruits contain a flavoring agent called fructose; this is why fruits have a certain taste; this is more prominent in ripe fruits; more importantly, the natural sugar available in fruits is usually more balanced. This is why it’s okay to drink fruit juices and smoothies without adding sugar to them.

Your body doesn’t need the extra sugar, another interesting thing to note is the fiber present in the fruit’s fiber is very useful not only for our digestive system but also to dissolve sugar, this is why it’s always better to have fruits without any additional flavoring agents keep in mind that it won’t be as easy as you think to live without sugar, so we won’t recommend completely getting rid of sugar on a whim you need to get rid of it slowly. Naturally, sweet fruits are an excellent alternative on that note; let’s check the next point.

4. Eliminate it slowly

Do you think that you can live without sugar? Well, you can, but it’ll take time to get used to it your body is so used to sugar that sometimes it almost craves it; therefore, your body must get enough amount of sugar, if you’re thinking of going sugar-free for the rest of your life you’ll have to deal with the withdrawal symptoms first, yes, going sugar-free comes with withdrawal symptoms, this includes headaches dizziness anxiety mood swings even depression, think of it this way you’re a caffeine addict trying to get rid of your addiction.

Now imagine how awful that would be well sugar withdrawal is about ten times worse than a caffeine addiction, more importantly, if you leave it on a whim your blood sugar might fall drastically that isn’t good for your body, this is why you need to reduce your sugar usage first and let your body get used to it, after that you’ll be able to eliminate it slowly let’s move on to the next point!

5. Include more nutrition in your diet

Sugar helps your intake of calories and adds more glucose in your blood, when you don’t have enough sugar, you’re running the risk of deficient blood sugar level and insufficient blood pressure level.

This is why your body must have enough nutrition in the absence of sugar, to do that you can include foods like nuts eggs turkey on legumes into your diet, they’re good sources of protein healthy fats calcium and different types of vitamins, more importantly, you’ll get more calories than you can burn off all of this without any spike in sugar levels.

When you think about it letting go of sugar isn’t really that hard start with your breakfast replace your usual sweetened option with healthier alternatives try having a poached or fried egg with brown bread in a salad avoid tea and coffee have a glass of lemon juice with ginger and topical honey after this, you’ll be ready for the next point.

6. Get rid of desserts

We bet you didn’t see that coming, the worst part about leading a sugar-free life is that you have to give up on your favorite sweet cravings, so no more cakes, pastries, or ice creams sounds almost criminal right? Yeah, it is sad. But, it is necessary every time you eat a cake or pastry you’re basically allowing sugar into your bloodstream this is where things get ugly, they mess up the sugar levels in your blood and cause a spike in insulin levels, this isn’t something that anyone would want to happen; therefore, you must get rid of them from your diet.

It’s not that hard really just replace them with food made up of whole grains they contain fiber which balances out sugar in the blood instead of causing a burst and glucose levels the sugar present in the whole grains are more complex, and provide a steady energy, this is why they don’t really affect the insulin levels in your body all right after the six-point let’s move on to the seventh one.

7. Avoid artificial sugar

we know what you’re thinking, so we can neither have refined nor artificial sugar? This should be considered a sacrilege.

First of all artificial sugar isn’t like sugar at all it has fewer calories and leaves you leaving four more this means you might relapse back to sugar after eating artificial sugar, if things become worse you might end up consuming both simultaneously, yeah, it is possible the second point to keep in mind is that artificial sugar is usually sweeter than refined sugar, when it enters your digestive system it helps to secrete juices that increase the urge to consume more food of the same intensity. If you consume anything less intense, your taste buds wouldn’t feel the same sensation, thus making you crave more; this is why we suggest getting rid of artificial sugar completely.

You don’t really need artificial sugar anyway you just need the sugar that’s available naturally, like the sugar and fruits and dairy products just like fruits have fructose dairy products have lactose which gives the natural milky flavor; unfortunately, we can’t really appreciate the natural taste because of our taste buds crave for sugar.

Cutting out sugar is hard, but it’s not impossible, so take a bit of time to consider what’s more relevant to you should your taste buds really get priority over your health once again, we’d like to repeat that if you can’t completely eliminate sugar at least try to reduce it.

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