9 Makeup Mistakes That Seriously Age You


We all want to look fresh-faced and young. Makeup can make it happen but keep in mind that your make up need to evolve and adapt to your changing skin as you age tried and true techniques from your high school years will no longer cut it fifteen-twenty, or thirty years later you might be an old hand at applying your make up, but if you’re not careful, you can end up looking older too.

We’ve compiled a list of the most common makeup mistakes that actually adhere instead of hiding them, stay tuned to find out if you are guilty of these aging mistakes so you can fix them today.

1. Foundation faux pas

Foundation forms the base of any look, but as you age your foundation needs will change, as Maybelline New York artist Melissa silver explains no foundation is better than a bad foundation, but a good foundation is best. If you skip foundation, your skin tone will be uneven, but if you apply your foundation too heavily, it can settle into fine lines increases highlighting your imperfections.

Use a formula that is heavy enough to smooth out your complexion without becoming cakey; drier skin is common as you age, so you may be happier with a liquid or cream foundation or even a tinted moisturizer instead of a powder foundation which can make your skin look flaky. Also, if you’ve been using the same shade of foundation since eighth grade, you might be surprised to find a better match or formulation out there for you. Even though some recommend using powder on top of cream formulas to make them last longer, the powder might only accentuate the dryness of aging skin.

Makeup artist Ariel Lewis advises with drier skin powder tends to seep into fine lines, try using a setting spray instead.

2. Blushing beauty

Unless you’re actually in high school, don’t apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, also avoid using too much blush applying it to low or picking the wrong shade.

Los Angeles celebrity makes up artist Jan Ping says there was a particular era when Moore was better when it came to blush, and you can still spot those women today because they’re still piling it on. Avoid shades that are too brown or red because they could look muddy on the skin. Instead, it featured cheeks and try to find a blush that matches the natural shade that results.

Opt for a cream formulation instead of powder to avoid a flaky finish, apply a small amount to the center of your cheekbone and sweep upward and back blend well and your mail that you full glow.

3. Lining the bottom lash line in black

Heavily lining that bottom late ages you for many reasons, it makes your eyes look smaller. It accentuates the fine line surrounding the eyes, and it drags down your whole face. To keep things looking youthful, you want your eyes to appear brighter and more open.

Our first tip? Keep that bottom lash liner light.
Ariel Lewis says to use a deep brown eye shadow and an angled brush instead of a hard black Kohl pencil, keep gel liner away from the bottom, use it only on the top of your lids. Or even try white or nude liner on the bottom waterline.

Orange studios makeup artist Missy Lowe explains that it brightens your eyes and creates a youthful glow perfect for that no-makeup makeup look.