This 2 Minute Foot Massage Will Help You Sleep Better


Sleeping has slowly become a luxury rather than a necessity. It’s because of our modern lifestyle, where screen time and caffeine dominates our daily routine. That doesn’t mean there is no solution.

There is a 2-minute foot massage that can help get you good night’s sleep. In this article, we are going to discuss it. Let’s start with some basics.

What is this 2-minute foot massage? One foot contains about 26 bones and more than 7000 nerve endings. These nerve endings are linked to several other parts of the body. Massaging on a certain part of the foot or a toe could help stimulate the organ it is linked to.

This is the idea behind a 2-minute foot massage. Of course, this means that particular nerve endings can stimulate sleep. These areas are your big toes, footpad, the middle and the centre. These parts are linked to the brain. Massaging them releases hormones that boost sleep. How does that work? Well, to understand it, we need to take a look at them one by one.

1- The Big Toe

You need to massage your big toe with your fingers in a circular motion. After that, proceed to do the same thing with your thumb. Doing this regularly will help to stimulate the pineal gland. In case you are wondering, the pineal is a gland that is located in your brain. The purpose of this gland is to release hormones, including dopamine. The pineal gland releases a hormone named melatonin. This elevates our feeling of falling asleep.

Thereby creating the urge to sleep, helping us improve our sleep cycle. A healthy sleep cycle is significant. Lack of sleep isn’t something that you should be taken lightly.

2- The Footpads

Your foot pads are more sensitive than you think. Unlike your big toes, foot pads are linked to the pituitary gland. As we have already stated, pineal glands elevate your urge to sleep by releasing melatonin in your brain. While these hormones are being released, they need to be controlled. That is where pituitary gland comes to the rescue.

By controlling the hormone secretion, the pituitary gland helps to make sure that too much hormone doesn’t get released inside your body. For this to work, you need to massage that part of your foot correctly. To do that, just put some pressure on your footpads with your fingers and your thumb. Either press the area or massage it. No matter how you do it, make sure that every part of your foot is getting massaged. This will help you feel more relaxed. As your brain would be too occupied with pleasure, it’s enjoying.

3- The Middle Of Your Foot

The middle of your foot is linked to your nervous system as well as some parts of your brain. Massaging that area can help elevate calmness and relaxation. Thus creating a mindset necessary for sleeping. Similar to the two previous parts of your foot, you need to massage in a sideways or circular manner. You can also try and press that part for some time. This needs to be repeated at least 3 times. You can even use oil while doing this. It will only enhance the feeling of relaxation. More importantly, the nerve endings of your midfoot are linked to that of your shoulders and neck. So a massage in the middle of your foot will also help release the tension in your neck and shoulders. Which will make you feel comfortable. When you feel more comfortable, it becomes easier for you to sleep. Who knew we had so many pressure points? Wait, we aren’t done yet.

4- The Center Of Your Foot

Unlike the previous ones, here you will have to massage and then place pressure at the point for some time. It increases the blood flow in your body, which enables the oxygen to flow freely. It’s also good for red blood cells and arteries. For this reason, you can massage the centre of your foot even if you aren’t looking to fall asleep.

When the pressure points under the centre of your feet are touched, it makes you feel more peaceful. It reduces all the stress you may have faced throughout the day. It also eases other problems like anxiety and depression. This is even helpful if you have major mood swing issues. Massaging this part of your foot can also help you feel relaxed.

Additionally, it can calm your breathing. So if you have a breathing problem then maybe massaging this area could be helpful. Massaging your feet may seem like a good idea. Yet we must also remember that we live in a busy world. Finding sufficient time to massage our toes may not be easy for everyone. Especially regularly. This is why we would like to introduce some alternatives to the foot massage:

1- Try Footwear with Acupuncture Points

There are tons of footwear available both on and offline that have acupuncture points. These shoes perform the same function as the massage. While they may not be as effective and accurate, they are still decent options. This footwear has other benefits as well. For example, they can help with your blood circulation and provide relief from headaches.

They can also boost your body’s metabolism. If you are someone who may not have enough time to try out a foot massage, we would suggest this option.

2- Try The Reflexology Therapy

Reflexology refers to the treatment of pain and other problems by using pressure points. Even the message that we talked about in this article falls under Reflexology. If done correctly, Reflexology can help with a lot of physical problems that we deal with regularly.

If it’s hard to find time for that massage, you can go for weekly or monthly therapy. Many physiotherapy clinics may be able to help you with this problem. One session in a week or a month should help you deal with your sleep.

Just make sure that you don’t discontinue after going for a few months.

3- Try Yoga

When nothing else works, Yoga might prove to be helpful. It has been revered for centuries. Various types prove to be very helpful, especially the ones that focus on breathing exercises. They can help control your anxiety and feel more relaxed. This, in turn, can help you get better sleep at night.

Although we would suggest that you speak to experts when it comes to Yoga. Of course, Yoga isn’t the only ancient art that can assist your sleep ability.

4- Tai Chi

While most people try Tai Chi for its health benefits, it has other benefits as well. Tai Chi can keep your blood pressure under control. More importantly, it can calm your nerves and create a mindset that is necessary for a good night’s sleep.

Tai Chi is also known to be suitable for people who have depression. If you happen to be one of them then maybe you should try Tai Chi. Apart from that, Tai Chi relieves muscle tension. As we stated earlier, releasing muscle tension will help you relax and eventually fall asleep. Tai Chi could do wonders for you. Just remember to consult an expert before trying it.

Just like Yoga, Tai Chi needs to be done correctly. You need to know the exercises before you can practice them at home. Another thing to keep in mind for both Yoga and Tai Chi is that you don’t need to do these exercises every day. One session a week should be helpful enough for you.

So, have you tried the foot massage yet?